Do not overlook it!A rare inherited disorder characterized by early loss of primary teeth

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  • Do not overlook it! A rare inherited disorder characterized by early loss of primary teeth

HPP is a progressive bone disease caused by an alkaline phosphatase gene defect. Decreased levels of alkaline phosphatase in blood and tissues leads to weakened bones, which can result in early loss of primary teeth. The clinical spectrum of HPP is extremely wide, from very severe, which is lethal in most cases, to a perinatal form and a mild form usually showing onset in adults who present no pathognomonic symptoms. A method utilizing “enzyme replacement therapy” has become established as a systemic fundamental treatment option and the results are quite encouraging.

Primary teeth typically begin to loosen and then fall out at about the age of six years to make room for permanent teeth. However, HPP has effects on teeth, even in mild cases, and is characterized by premature early loss of primary dentition from around one year of age. ALEXION has developed treatment methods for various serious and rare diseases, and accumulated clinical research findings related to HPP over the past several years. As a result, a highly innovative enzyme replacement therapy has been developed for affected patients and found to contribute greatly to treatment of HPP.

This video was created by ALEXION. We are convinced that after watching it you will better understand normal teething in children and methods used to detect early HPP. Our sincere hope is that early detection of HPP and effective treatment will continue to progress in regions throughout the world.

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